Cosplay Rumble Arena

Garena Carnival is back, and this time it is going to be much bigger and better! This year, we have prepared a stage for you to shine! Whether you are a cosplayer, a crafter, a performer, or maybe all of those, we invite you to showcase your amazing creations and creativity in portraying our beloved League of Legends characters. Unmask the champion in you and be rewarded!


2 April 2015 – 30 April 2015, 11:59 pm (GMT +8)
Each participant must submit photos of at least 3 different characters they have done before.

Stage 1: Once the registration period is over, the Garena Carnival 2015 Cosplay Rumble Arena committee will select the Top 10 cosplayers from the pool of participants and proceed to stage 2.

Stage 2: The Top 10 cosplayers must proceed to create a League of Legends theme costume (official Riot released skins, no fan-arts) and perform live on stage on the 14th of June 2015 at Garena Carnival, Suntec.


Note: All Top 10 selected cosplayers will receive S$200 as incentive once they have made it through Stage 1.

Rules and Regulations

There will be no registration free for the cosplay competition.
Top 10 participants will be given free entry to Garena Carnival.

- All participants must read and agree to follow all rules of the Cosplay Competition.

- Participants will only be allowed to cosplay OFFICIAL League of Legends characters. (Inclusive of said champion’s official skin) or any character (NPC and the like) from League of Legends. Any other cosplay that does not apply to this statement will be disqualified.

- There will be a designated area for participants to rest or fix their costumes. However, only one accompanying person per participant will be allowed with them insidethe holding area.

- Participants may provide their own audio/visual aid upon registration. Submission at any other format will not be permitted. Please ensure the file(s) adhere to the following specifications:
1) The audio/visual aid should be in .MP3 / .MP4 format only,
2) Should not be longer than 2 minutes.

- Each participant is limited to 1 minute minimum and 2 minutes maximum time to perform a skit/catwalk during the judging performance. Participants who do not perform in between the allocated time frame should expect a point deducted from their final score.

- Participants are responsible for their props at all times. Any sharp and pyrotechnic costume props are not allowed. Props which are deemed to be able to cause extreme mess/possible hard and/or damage to the other participants, convention attendees, staff, stage or surroundings areas are also not allowed.

- Costumes that reveal private parts or nudity will also be disqualified.

- Top 10 selected cosplayers will receive bonus points if they submit at least 3 progression images of their DIY costumes to the cosplay committee. Images must be submitted to with the following details:

- E-mail title following this format: ‘NAME COSPLAY COMPETITION’ Example: ‘KATHY COSPLAY COMPETITION’

- Include the name of the character being cosplayed in each picture’s file name.

Terms & Conditions

- Event prizes will be awarded to the winners at least within 30 working days after the event (subject to changes).
- Open to residents of Malaysia and Singapore.
- Any latest updates can be viewed on Garena League of Legends platforms.
- Any participants who forfeited mid-way will not receive any prize money. All participants are responsible for their own costs and expenses (including creation of costume and travel purposes).
- Garena reserves the right to amend, cancel, edit, or postpone the event at its own discretion.