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  • Free On-stage Giveaways

    Grab awesome prizes and take part in our random prize giveaways as you watch the exciting live matches on stage!

    Prizes will be announced soon.

  • Wager and Win Contest

    Show your love for your favourite teams and get rewarded! This weekend you could walk away with amazing prizes, just cast a vote for your favourite team. Check out which teams will play on our event schedule and don't forget to bring along your good luck charms.

    Prizes will be announced soon.

  • Share and Win Contest

    With all the happenings taking place at the carnival, don't forget to share your photo experiences on the Garena Malaysia Facebook page and stand a chance to win even more fabulous prizes!

  • Snapshot with Your Favorite Cosplayers

    Do you love cosplayers and their amazing costumes? We have photo booths set up for you to capture your sweet memories with them. Get up close and personal with them and make your picture the hottest topic of conversation.

  • Sales Promotions

    Who doesn’t love a good discount?! Come to the Carnival and enjoy a special discount for any amount of Garena shells you purchase! The Garena shells can be converted into in-game currency for any Garena game.

  • Schedules

    Friday (4 January 2013)

    Time Time Center Court West Lobby
    10.00 11.00 Welcome & Opening Show HON Group Stage - Group A
    11.00 12.00 LOL Invitational Match Group State
    12.00 1.00
    1.00 2.00 Stand by
    2.00 3.00 HON Group Stage - Group B
    3.00 4.00
    4.00 5.00 LOL Pro Girls Team Showmatch
    5.00 5.30 KLH Signing Ceremony League of Legends Free 2 Play / Promote Session
    5.30 6.30 Showmatch - KLH vs Invitational Match Champion
    6.30 7.00 Dance Performance
    7.00 8.00 GPL Kickoffs - First Match
    8.00 9.00 GPL Kickoffs - Second Match
    9.00 10.00 GPL Kickoffs Closing Remarks

    Saturday (5 January 2013)

    Time Time Center Court West Lobby
    10.00 11.00 Welcome & Opening Show Standby
    11.00 12.00 Blackshot National League Grand Final (Preliminary Match) Blackshot National League Grand Final (Preliminary Match)
    12.00 1.00
    1.00 2.00
    2.00 3.30 Blackshot Showmatch - Beat the Isabelle HON Group Stage - Group C
    3.30 4.30 Blackshot National League Grand Final (Winners Bracket)
    4.30 5.30 Blackshot National League Grand Final (Losers Bracket)
    5.30 6.30 Blackshot Showmatch - Beat the Isabelle Standby
    6.30 7.00 Dance Performance HON Group Stage - Group D
    7.00 8.00 Blackshot National League Grand Final (Final Match)
    8.00 9.00
    9.00 10.00 Prizing Ceremony Standby

    Sunday (6 January 2013)

    Time Time Center Court West Lobby
    10.00 11.00 Welcome & Opening Show Standby
    11.00 12.30 HON TMNHC Top 8 Preliminary HON TMNHC Top 8 Preliminary
    12.30 2.00 HON TMNHC Winner Brackets Round 1 HON TMNHC Loser Brackets Round 1
    2.00 3.30 HON TMNHC Winner Brackets Finals HON TMNHC Loser Brackets Round 2
    3.30 5.00 HON TMNHC Loser Brackets Round 3 HON Free 2 Play
    5.00 6.15 HON TMNHC Loser Brackets Finals
    6.15 6.30 Dance Performance
    6.30 8.00 HON TMNHC Grand Finals Game 1
    8.00 9.30 HON TMNHC Grand Finals Game 2 *
    9.30 10.00 Prizing Ceremony

  • Contacts

    For more inquiries, feel free to contact us via email at carnival@garena.com

    Travel Advice

    From Northern Peninsular
    If you disembark at Pudu Terminal, you may board the Ampang LRT Line from Plaza Rakyat station to Bandaraya station, and switch trains to KTM Komuter Line from Bank Negara station to Mid Valley station (using KTM Komuter heading to Bangi / Seremban).

    From Southern Peninsular / Singapore
    If you disembark at Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS), you may board KTM Komuter Line from Bandar Tasik Selatan station to Mid Valley station.

    From Klang Valley
    You may board any transit train near you to KL Sentral station, and then transit to KTM Komuter Line to Mid Valley station at Platform 6.

    KTM Komuter Train: From KL Sentral Station to Mid Valley Station, fare = RM1.00

    Free shuttle bus service is provided from Kelana Jaya Line LRT Bangsar Station.

  • Carnival Registration

    Registration for carnival is free! Join our express queue if you register now!


    By following us on facebook, you will get the latest update to the happenings on the carnival. Don't miss out those great prizes and your chance to win!



    The awaited time is here! The best 8 teams in Malaysia will finally meet each other! Who will be crowned the best team in Malaysia & walk away with RM 50,000 cash?

    Team TSA.Rare
    Team TSA-Xaxau
    Team Lithara
    Team GPS
    Team ATTP
    Team ATTP.X
    Team Antebellum
    Team Encem-Encem Je

    The Grand Final will be a Double Elimination bracket to ensure that every team have the same chance to show their skills & win the tournament. Below is the tournament format:

    Competition Method : 5 vs 5

    Winner’s Condition : Most points gained out of 4 rounds played (2 rounds in Team Flag Match and 2 rounds in Search & Destroy)

    Team Death Match will only be played if there's a tie-breaker

    Team Flag Match

    The Head Marshal will be drawing the match maps out randomly. A toss of coin will determine the side to play by the competitors.

    Search & Destroy Match

    Loser of the Team Flag Match will DIRECTLY select the map for Search & Destroy, while winner for Team Flag Match will choose side.


    Players are to play Team Death Match.


    1st Place (Champion) - Cash RM 50,000 + Champion Trophy + Champion Medals
    2nd Place - Cash RM 5,000 + Medals
    3rd Place - Cash RM 3,000 + Medals
    4th Place - Cash RM 1,000
    5th to 8th Place - Cash RM 200 (Consolation Price)

    Come & give your support to them this 5th January, 2013 at the Mid Valley Centre Court.

    For more details, visit: http://forum.blackshot.garena.com/newthread.php?do=postthread&f=51

  • The malaysia
    Heroes of Newerth
    national championship



    At this year's Garena Carnival, we have finally reach the final pit-stop of The Malaysian Heroes of Newerth Championship (TMHNC). It has been a truly unique experience shared amongst the competitors, spectators and the Garena Staff.

    Witness the struggle of top 16 teams as they clash head to head against each other to battle it out for the Grand Prize of RM300,000 during the TMHNC Grand Finale. The match will be brought to you LIVE by experienced shoutcasters whom are well versed in the field of Heroes of Newerth. Plus, stand a chance to take home exclusive HoN merchandise from our lucky draw! Come on down to the Garena Carnival to support your team at the Finale, taking place on 4th till 6th January 2013.

    Good luck to the competing teams and we will be very thrilled to see you at the Carnival. Do not forget to vote for your favourite team online for another chance to win some sweet SteelSeries products! See you there

    Malaysia Top 16 HoN Teams (TMHNC Qualifiers)

    Orange Esports Gaming Malaysia
    HoNPortal Malaysia
    Lon3ly Gaming
    NEO Ev0lutionz
    Team A Station
    No Kamlin
    Club 119
    Gizmo Gaming

    For more details on the TMHNC Finals refer below:

    Tournament Format

    Group Stage

    - Teams will be randomly placed into an alphabetical group with 3 other teams ( Total 4 Teams / Group ).
    - These groups are named Group A, B, C & D.
    - Only the Top 2 Teams from each group will qualify to the next round.
    - Top teams are determined with the amount of wins accumulated from Group Stage.

    Group A & B

    Playoff Date : 4th of January, Friday
    Schedule : Refer to schedule listing

    Group C& D

    Playoff Date : 5th of January, Saturday
    Schedule : Refer to schedule listing

    Double Elimination

    - Qualified teams will be placed randomly into a Double Elimination bracket.
    - Double eliminations will be played from quarterfinals onwards until a Champion is determined.

    Playoff Date : 6th of January, Sunday.

  • League of Legends
    GPL 2013 Spring Season Kick Off



    This new year we are starting things off with a BANG! At this year's Garena Carnival we will be pushing the limits of what e-sports is known for in the country in a spectical of events!

    KLH signing ceremony - The first professional League of Legends team in Malaysia will be adding in new members to their lineup. Come witness the growth of the team as well as check out the new members as they make their debut on stage! Also to test out their strength four teams have been invited to come and play on stage and challenge the Kuala Lumpur Hunters. Catch the excitement of Season 3 as it unfolds in this high stakes battle to see if any team can beat out KLH! GPL Live in Malaysia - Like never before, come watch the very first matches of GPL 2013 Spring Season as it is played live on stage with casters Pseudo and Teddytibbers! You can stand a chance to walk away with amazing prizes for supporting your favorite teams!

    Showmatch - Malaysia's female team will also be on stage showing off what they got at the Garena Carnival. Don't miss any action as they fight it out on a 10 meter screen!

    All of this and more will be taking place on the 4th of January (Friday 2013) at Midvalley Center Court. See you there!